LORAN-C transmitter Kargaburun

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LORAN-C transmitter Kargaburun is the Yankee secondary station of the Mediterranean Sea LORAN-C Chain (GRI 7990). It uses a transmission power of 165 kW. Kargaburun LORAN-C transmitter is situated at Kargaburun in Marmara Ereğlisi district of Tekirdağ Province, Turkey at 40°58'21" N, 27°52'2" E, (40°58′21″N 27°52′2″E / 40.97250°N 27.86722°E / 40.97250; 27.86722). ("Kargaburun" is Turkish for "crow's nose" or "pliers")

On February 25, 1993 the 190.5 m (625 ft) tall mast radiator collapsed in a snowstorm. It was later replaced by a tower of same height. Currently, the facility is shut down.

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