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LORA missile.JPG
LORA missile in launcher
Typetheater quasiballistic missile
Production history
ManufacturerIsrael Aerospace Industries
Mass1.6-1.8 tons
Length5 meters
Diameter610 mm
Warhead570 kg high explosive, bomblets or high speed penetrator warhead[1]

400 km[2][3]
Flight altitude150,000 ft
inertial navigation, GPS and TV terminal

LORA ("Long Range Attack") is a theater quasiballistic missile produced in Israel.

It has a range of 400 kilometres (250 mi) and a CEP of 10 metres (33 ft) when using a combination of GPS and TV for terminal guidance.

It can be ship-launched from inside of a standard Intermodal container[4] as well as land-launched.[5]

In 2018, it has been offered for sale to the Israel Defense Forces, but a decision on purchasing it has not yet been made.[citation needed]

Comparable systems[edit]


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