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LOUD Technologies Inc.
Public company
Traded as OTC Pink: LTEC
Industry Audio technology
Founded 1988 (as Mackie Designs, Inc.)
Headquarters Woodinville, Washington, United States
Key people
Mark Graham(Chairman & CEO)
Number of employees
Subsidiaries Alvarez Guitars, Ampeg, Crate Amplifiers, Eastern Acoustic Works, Mackie, Martin Audio
Website loudaudio.com

LOUD Technologies, Inc. is a professional audio company based in the United States, operating in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, China, and Japan. Originally known as Mackie Designs, Inc., the name was changed to Loud Technologies in 2003, in order to differentiate the larger company from their founding subsidiary, mixing console manufacturer Mackie.[1]


St. Louis Music[edit]

Founded in 1922, St. Louis Music (SLM) is presently a United States importer and distributor of musical instruments and accessories. SLM launched their SLM Electronics division in 1976 to develop their Electra line of guitars, and subsequently Crate amplifiers and Audio-Centron sound reinforcement.

LOUD announced its acquisition of SLM on March 7, 2005.[2]


The Alvarez brand was founded in 1968 by St. Louis Music. Alvarez manufactures multiple types of string instruments including banjos, acoustic guitars, and acoustic bass guitars.

Early Alvarez acoustic guitars were made in Japan by luthier Kazuo Yairi, a partnership that continues. These instruments are colloquially known as "Alvarez-Yairi," with a distinctive stylized headstock logo and generally a "Y" in the model prefix.[3]


Ampeg is a manufacturer of electric guitars and basses and guitar amplifiers. St. Louis Music purchased Ampeg in 1986.[4] As of May 2018 the Ampeg brand is no longer part of LOUD Technologies. It was acquired from LOUD Technologies by Yamaha Guitar Group, Inc.


Austin is a line of budget-level guitars and basses.


Crate Taxi TX15 battery guitar amp

The Crate brand of instrument amplifiers was launched in 1978 by St. Louis Music. Under SLM, Crate products were manufactured in the United States.


Blackheart manufactures guitar amplifiers.

Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW)[edit]

Mackie Designs Inc., acquired EAW in February 2000.[5] EAW manufactures high-end professional loudspeakers.


LOUD Technologies' original name was Mackie Designs, Inc. The name was changed in 2003 to avoid confusion between the parent corporation and the Mackie brand.[6] Mackie manufactures professional audio equipment including mixers, loudspeakers and studio monitors.[7]

Martin Audio[edit]

LOUD Technologies Inc., acquired all of the outstanding capital stock of U.K.-based Martin Audio on April 11, 2007, for $33.6 million.[8] Martin Audio manufactures loudspeakers and similar audio equipment and has provided equipment for numerous professional acts including Pink Floyd and Supertramp.[9]


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