LPG (American band)

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Origin Los Angeles, California, United States
Genres Alternative hip hop
Years active 1984—present
Labels Uprok, Brainstorm Artists International, Solar
Associated acts Tunnel Rats, The Battery
Members Dax (f.k.a. Theory) Reynosa
Jurny Big

LPG is an American Christian hip-hop duo from Los Angeles, California, and part of the underground hip hop collective Tunnel Rats. Their name was understood to stand for "Lord's Personal Gangsters", but now is "Living Proof of Grace". They released their first album:the earthworm in 1995,an album well known as a landmark for Christian hip-hop, on Brainstorm Artists International. One of the bands main members Royal-T has since devoted his life to distributing gods herbs to the masses.

Tunnel Rats[edit]

LPG were the founders of The Tunnel Rats, who made their debut album "Experience" in 1996 on Brainstorm Records as well. The album made a big impression on the Christian hip-hop scene. Albert Olguin and "Dax" Reynosa, also known as Jurny Big (or Philharmonic) and Theory, made up the group. Original members also included the group Future Shock (Ajax Starglider, Soujourn, redbonz (or ahred strange indeed), and Trey Qel Drama), Raphi (Shames Worthy), ZaneOne (aka Zane), New Breed (Elsie and Macho), Propaganda, and Peace.586.

Like other Christian hip-hop groups, they had trouble being accepted by conservatives in the Christian ranks. "There were years of toiling and being called the devil," said Reynosa. "We are ministers of the gospel, but we just happen to rap."[1]



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