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Police checking a scooter in Shanghai. Sometimes phony LPG tanks are attached to scooters to skirt the law against petrol engines.

An LPG powered scooter is a scooter powered by liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) or autogas. The scooters are in use in China and many parts of Southern Asia.

Shanghai has banned petrol scooters/mopeds and only allows LPG scooters to be used in the city due to air pollution.[1][2] About 190,000 gasoline mopeds were eliminated between 2001 and 2004, replaced by 140,000 LPG mopeds as of 2004, at which time the city had over 100 LPG refueling stations.[2] In 1996 the city's 500,000 gasoline mopeds were blamed for one fifth of the air pollution in Shanghai, so in 1997 the city stopped issuing new license plates for them.[2] In 2000, the city stopped renewing plates for existing gasoline mopeds, so all of them expired by 2008.[2]


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