LRA Radio Nacional

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LRA Radio Nacional
Type Radio network
Country Argentina
Availability Nationwide
Owner Government of Argentina
Launch date
Official website

LRA Radio Nacional, also known as Radio Nacional Argentina, is the Argentine national radio, and part of the national public media system. It started transmitting in 1937 as LRA Radio del Estado changing its name to the current one in 1957. Since 1949, National Radio is also in charge of the Radiodifusión Argentina al Exterior, an international service that broadcasts in numerous languages.

The radio's programs focus on Argentine news, and culture, and history, among other things. Music broadcast includes all kind of Argentine songs - from Folklore to Tango and Argentine Rock. Aside from the main news broadcasts and cultural shows, RNA also broadcasts national football matches and the performance of other Argentine athletes during venues such as the Olympic Games or the FIFA World Cup.

Radio Nacional logo used in 2006


The head of the radio system is located in Buenos Aires, and has several transmission points that re-transmit the original signal, but also produce their own programs:

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