LRSVM Morava

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LRSVM Morava
LRSVM Oganj 4.jpg
LRSVM Morava with Oganj missile containers on display at Partner 2011 military fair.
Type Multiple rocket launcher
Place of origin  Serbia
Service history
In service 2014
Production history
Designer Military Technical Institute Belgrade
Designed 2011
Manufacturer IMK 14. oktobar Kruševac Serbia
No. built 6+, 30 total on order
Crew 3

Caliber 122mm/128mm
Barrels 2 containers with 12-16 barrels depending on caliber
Action 45s preparing for action 30s for changing position after firing
Traverse 360
Maximum firing range 40 km with G2000 122mm rocket

Plamen A , Plamen B , OGANJ , GRAD , G-2000 rockets
Engine MB OM 904 LA EU3 diesel
174 hp
Suspension 4x4 wheeled
1000 km
Speed 80 km/h

The LRSVM Morava is a multiple rocket launcher system developed in Serbia. Designed as a modular, lightweight and universal version of the M-63 Plamen, M-77 Oganj and BM-21 Grad MLRS. It was first unveiled in 2011 as a more tactically and universal mobile version. It is developed by Military Technical Institute Belgrade (VTI) who has longtime experience in developing MLRS systems including most powerful at time of development 262mm M-87 Orkan. After successful transfer of technology and collaboration with UAE Emirates Defense Technologies in developing their MLRS based on Nimr platforms VTI has completed new universal modular MLRS dubed Morava. This model is aimed at replacing the current generation of Russian MLRS, including BM-21 Grad, and Serbian MLRS M-77 Oganj and M-63 Plamen in all version. There is a version designated for export.[1]


The LRSVM Morava system is based on a modified FAP 1118 4x4 military truck that provides a good tactical mobility. It is equipped with a double container with 12–16 launching tubes, which can fire all current Plamen, Oganj and Grad rockets, including HE-FRAG, incendiary, thermobaric, cluster with anti-personnel or anti-tank mines. It is possible to combine two different modules for example one container with Plamen A and one container with Grad rockets giving a unique capabilities of attacking close and ranged targets in the same time.

Range and direction correction system provides better accuracy with respect to its predecessors. The Morava can launch single rocket, partial ripple or full salvo, which can cover an area of 32 hectares. The LRSVM is equipped with fully automatic targeting control systems. The launch vehicle is fitted with an Inertial Navigation System (INS), GPS unit and absolute encoders for automatic positioning. Vehicle has ballistic computer with automatic or manual data input and firing elements computation. Rockets are launched directly form the cab or remotely form the vehicle. The LRSVM can fire single rockets or full salvo. A crew of three prepares this artillery system for firing within 45 seconds. It leaves firing position within 30 seconds.

The Morava launching vehicle is reloaded within 5 minutes and a full salvo duration is 15-25s depending on rocket type.[2]

While traveling the rocket launcher is covered by hydraulically operated canvas cover (first such camouflage world implementation was on M-77 Oganj), which makes it hard to recognize, as vehicle looks like an ordinary light utility truck. Also it protects the launcher from adverse weather effects.


Plamen-D 128mm rocket with improved range next to its modular container for LRSVM Morava.

There are several domestic models of rockets, within models there are several types (different warheads and fuses for example) and there are also possibilities to use all models of Grad 122mm rockets from manufactures worldwide. New model of Oganj rocket with extended range of 30 km which uses inertial guidance firing controller to achieve better CEP is ready to go in production. There is also in final stage of development new 50 km range rocket.[3]

Rocket Number of tubes in launch container Maximum Range Rocket caliber
Model Per container Km mm
Plamen A 16 8.6 128
Plamen D 16 12.6 128
Oganj M77 12 22.5 128
Oganj ER[4] 12 30 128
Grad 12 35 122
G-2000 [5] 12 40 122
Edepro 107 25 11 107


30 on order for undisclosed country[6] which is probably United Arab Emirates because FAP have an order from Yugoimport SDPR for 30 trucks,[7] that will be used to mount special upgrade. FAP trucks are already used as platform for Morava launcher.


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