LSU Tigers women's soccer

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LSU Tigers women's soccer
Louisiana State University (block logo).svg
University Louisiana State University
Conference SEC
Western Division
Location Baton Rouge, LA
Head coach Brian Lee (11th year)
Stadium LSU Soccer Stadium
(Capacity: 2,197)
Nickname Tigers
Colors Purple and Gold[1]
NCAA Tournament Appearances
2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2015

The LSU Tigers[n 1] women's soccer team represents Louisiana State University in the sport of soccer. The Tigers compete in Division I of the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) and the Southeastern Conference (SEC). The Tigers play their home games at the LSU Soccer Stadium on the university's Baton Rouge, Louisiana campus, and are currently led by head coach Brian Lee.[3]


The LSU Tigers soccer team's first season was in 1995. The Tigers' first coach was Miriam Hickey (1995–1996) who compiled a record of 22-17-1 (.563) at LSU. The second coach in LSU soccer history was Gregg Boggs (1997–1999). He coached the Tigers to a record of 12-44-3 (.229). In 2000, George Fotopoulos (2000–2004) was hired as head coach of the LSU soccer team and amassed a record of 52-39-8-49 (.566) during his 5 years at LSU. During George Fotopoulos' final season in 2004, his wife Danielle Fotopoulos was hired as co-head coach of the LSU soccer team. During her only season at LSU, she along with her husband compiled a record of 8-11-1 (.425) in 2004. The Tigers brought in a new head coach for the 1981 season.

In 2005, Brian Lee (2005–Present) was named head soccer coach at LSU. During his tenure the Tigers have compiled a record of 102-69-33 (.581) and have won 4 SEC West Division titles in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2011.

National Soccer Coaches Association of America[edit]


Player Year(s)-Team
Malorie Rutledge 2008–3rd Team, 2009–3rd Team

Year-by-year results[edit]

Year Head Coach Overall
Standing Division Postseason
LSU Tigers (Southeastern Conference) (1995–present)
1995 Miriam Hickey 11-9-1 5-3 2nd West
1996 Miriam Hickey 11-8 2–6 5th West
1997 Gregg Boggs 0–18 0–8 6th West
1998 Gregg Boggs 8-11-2 3–5 2nd West
1999 Gregg Boggs 4-15-1 2–7 6th West
2000 George Fotopoulos 15-6 5-4 2nd West
2001 George Fotopoulos 7-8-3 1-6-2 6th West
2002 George Fotopoulos 12-5-3 2-3-3 3rd West
2003 George Fotopoulos 10-9-1 2–7 6th West
2004 George Fotopoulos & Danielle Fotopoulos 8-11-1 2-8-1 6th West
2005 Brian Lee 8-10-2 3-7-1 3rd West
2006 Brian Lee 9-8-3 4-4-3 3rd West
2007 Brian Lee 12-5-7 5-2-4 1st West NCAA Tournament
2008 Brian Lee 14-4-2 7-3-1 1st West NCAA Tournament
2009 Brian Lee 15-4-5 8-2-1 1st West NCAA Tournament
2010 Brian Lee 8-8-5 4-4-3 2nd West
2011 Brian Lee 13-8-1 8-3 1st West NCAA Tournament
2012 Brian Lee 9-8-4 5-6-2 4th West
2013 Brian Lee 9-9-2 5-5-1 7th
2014 Brian Lee 5-13-2 1-9-1 13th
2015 Brian Lee 13-6-4 5-4-2 7th NCAA Tournament
Total 201-183-49 79-101-25


LSU Soccer Stadium[edit]

Main article: LSU Soccer Stadium

The LSU Soccer Stadium is a soccer facility located on the campus of Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. The facility, built in 1996, serves as the home of the LSU Tigers soccer team. The two-level stadium has a seating capacity of 2,197.[4]

Practice and Training facilities[edit]

LSU Indoor Practice facility[edit]

The LSU Indoor Practice Facility, built in 1991, is a climate-controlled 8,250 square feet facility. It is used when inclement weather prevents the soccer team from practicing at the LSU Soccer Stadium. It holds the 100-yd Anderson-Feazel LSU Indoor field. The playing surface is Momentum Field Turf by SportExe.

Strength and Conditioning facility[edit]

The LSU Tigers soccer team weight room is over 10,000 square feet[5] and includes multi-purpose flat surface platform, bench, incline, squat and Olympic lifting stations along with dumbbell bench stations.[6] It is also equipped with medicine balls, hurdles, plyometric boxes, assorted speed and agility equipment, treadmills, stationary bikes and elliptical cross trainers. The weight room features multiple high-definition TV's for multimedia presentations. It is located in the LSU Football Operations Center.

Training room[edit]

The training room located in the LSU Football Operations Center features hydrotherapy which includes hot/cold jacuzzis and an underwater treadmill and multiple stations to treat the players.[7]

Head coaches[edit]

Name Years Record at LSU
Miriam Hickey 1995–1996 22-17-1 Overall, 7–9 SEC
Gregg Boggs 1997–1999 12-44-3 Overall, 5–20 SEC
George Fotopoulos 2000–2004 52-39-8 Overall, 12-28-6 SEC
Danielle Fotopoulos 2004 8-11-1 Overall, 2-8-1 SEC
Brian Lee 2005–present 115-75-37Overall, 55-49-19 SEC

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  1. ^ LSU uses the nickname of "Lady Tigers" only in sports that have both men's and women's teams. Since LSU only sponsors soccer for women, that team uses "Tigers" instead.[2]


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