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LS Corporation
Industry Conglomerate
Founded 1936; 82 years ago (1936)
Headquarters Anyang, South Korea
Key people
Ja-Hong Koo (Chairman)
Ja-Yol Koo (Chairman & CEO)
Ja-Yub Koo (Chairman)
Ja-Myung Koo (Chairman)
Revenue US$25,175 million (2010) [1]
US$775 million (2010)
Total assets US$19,170 million (2010)
Subsidiaries LS Cable, LS Mtron, LS-Nikko Copper, LS Industrial Systems
LS Group
Hangul LS그룹
Revised Romanization LS Geurup
McCune–Reischauer LS Kŭrup

LS Group is a South Korean chaebol (conglomerate). It is composed of LS Corp. (see below), Gaon Cable, E1 (LPG), YESCO (LNG) and LS Asset Management (formerly Delta Asset). "LS Corp." is a holding company, which comprises LS Cable & System (power & communications cables), LS Industrial Systems (electrical equipment & automation systems), LS-Nikko Copper (copper smelter & refiner) and LS Mtron (machinery & components).

LS Group was spun off from LG Group in 2003. LS Group and its subsidiaries have approximately (USD)$25.2 billion in revenue worldwide with about 100 subsidiaries in 25 countries. The company is controlled by the Koo family, the founding family of LG Group.

LS means "Leading Solution".

Group families[edit]

  • LS Corp
    • LS Automotive India Pvt Ltd (Chennai & Pune)
    • LS Cable & System (LS Cable & System, GCI, Alutek, Pountek, Kospace, LS Global, etc.)
    • LS Industrial Systems (Formerly LG Industrial Systems) (LS IS, LS Metal, Planet, LS Mecapion, LS Sauter, LS Power Semitech, Trino)
    • LS-Nikko Copper (LS-Nikko Copper, GRM, Torecom, Recytech Korea, Wahchang, Sunwo)
    • LS Mtron (LS Mtron, Daesung Electric/Deltech, Casco, Nongaon Gyeongju, Nongaon Pyeongtaek)
    • LS Networks (Prospecs, Skechers, MONT-Bell, Jack Wolfskin, BICLO)
  • Gaon Cable (Gaon Cable, Weduss)
  • E1 (E1, E1 Logistics, E1 Container Terminal, Dongbang City Gas)
  • YESCO (YESCO, YESCO Service, Daehan GM, Hansung Group)
  • LS I&D (Superior Essex, LS Asset Management (formerly Delta Asset)

Training Facility[edit]

LS Group operates their own training facility near Ansung in Gyeonggi Province. The facility contains a large training building, a cafeteria, lodgings, a soccer field, a swimming pool, and several tennis courts.

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  1. ^ Based upon a KRW=USD exchange rate of 1,100KRW per USD,the spot rate as of December 31, 2010.

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