LTD (album)

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EP by Buck-Tick
Released March 11, 1998
Genre Industrial rock
Label Mercury
Producer Buck-Tick
Buck-Tick chronology
Sexy Stream Liner
Sweet Strange Live Disc

LTD is the second mini album, or EP, by Buck-Tick, released only on vinyl on March 11, 1998.[1] Its content is nearly identical to the "Sasayaki" single, the only difference being two more songs ("Kimi ga Shin.. Dara" & "Sexy Stream Liner").

Track listing[edit]

Side A[edit]

  1. "Kimi ga Shin.. Dara" (キミガシン..ダラ; When...You Die)
  2. "Sexy Stream Liner"
  3. "Sasayaki" (囁き; Whisper) remixed by Hitoshi Hiruma

Side B[edit]

  1. "Thanatos -The Japanic Pig Mix-" (タナトス-The Japanic Pig Mix-) remixed by Raymond Watts (PIG)
  2. "My Fuckin' Valentine -Enemy (Full)-" remixed by Günter Schulz (KMFDM)
  3. "Schiz・o Gensou -The Spiderman Mix-" (Schiz・o 幻想 -The Spiderman Mix-) remixed by Daniel Ash (Love and Rockets)


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