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LTM Recordings
FounderJames Nice
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Official website

LTM Recordings (originally les temps modernes)[1] is a British independent record label founded in 1983, and best known for reissues of artists and music from 1978 to the present day, as well as modern classical and avant-garde composition. The label is based in Norfolk, England, and is curated by James Nice.

Particularly notable are reissues of catalogue originally released by Factory Records, Les Disques du Crépuscule, Compact Organisation and Sarah Records. Nice has also reactivated the Factory Benelux[2] and Crépuscule labels, for reissues and new releases.

LTM has also released audiobooks with archive recordings by major figures in 20th Century avant-garde art, including Futurism & Dada Reviewed, Voices of Dada, Surrealism Reviewed, Musica Futurista: The Art of Noises, Bauhaus Reviewed and Cocteau Satie and Les Six.


James Nice started LTM as a cassette label, 'Les Temps Moderne', which became a record label proper in 1984. LTM went into hibernation when he relocated to Brussels to join Crépuscule, where he worked on new releases as well as reissues of Crépuscule and Factory Benelux catalogue, and ran his own sublabel, Interior. After several years at Crépuscule and PIAS he revived LTM, and also worked as a lawyer (including representing some Factory artists against London Records in the mid-1990s[3]).

Nice is also the author of Shadowplayers: The Rise and Fall of Factory Records (2010), and the earlier documentary Shadowplayers on the same subject (2006).

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