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NBC LX Home is a brand for original home and lifestyle content for the NBCUniversal-owned television stations. LX is short for Local X, with the "X" standing for "exponential". NBC LX Home is a part of the station group's multicast division LXTV, led by senior vice president Meredith McGinn, content strategy vice president Matt Goldberg and managing editor Meagan Harris.[1]

LX is available on terrestrial television, Xfinity cable, over-the-top for Peacock, FuboTV, Xumo, Samsung TV Plus, and The Roku Channel viewers, social media and via its website.[1][2][3][4]

Its roots trace back to 2009 when NBCUniversal's previous news & lifestyle multicast network NBC Nonstop (now known as classic TV-formatted Cozi TV) was launched on its owned and operated station group, mostly on NBC-O&O affiliates that previously carried NBC Weather Plus. Its programming included core shows from LXTV.

LX content features long form content, a switch from prior NBCUniversal efforts at NBC News Now with Briefly and Snapchat news show Stay Tuned, created to reach Gen Z and millennials.[5] With the broadcast network and streaming television channel, there will be two live programming blocks (7-10 AM and PM) of three hour daily newscasts produced at KXAS. LX programming originally came from station groups and the owned and separately operated LXTV Productions, with the expectation to license additional content to fill out the day.[1] The additional content comes from Jukin Media, Tastemade and The Dodo. The main newscast when launched will be two hours long.[4]

NBCU stations' desire to reach younger audiences led to the creation of the LX content brand. On September 23, 2019, the station group launched its LX news digitally initially on YouTube, its website and social media.[6] LX was launched as a live-streaming channel and multicast over-the-air network in May 2020.[1][4]

In August 2023, LX changed its branding from LX News to NBC LX Home as it transitioned from a news format to a home and lifestyle format.

Sometime in mid-July 2024, NBC LX Home was rebranded as NBC American Crimes, and shifted over to true crime programming. A new iteration of NBC LX Home launched on free advertisement-supported television shortly after.

LX News Programming


Programming of LX News included:

  • Current - Events, pop culture trends and entertainment news.[7]
  • LX News - a storytelling approach to news that is personal, inspiring, thought-provoking, and community focused.[8]
  • LX News Zone - a daily digest of the latest news from NBC local stations.[9]
  • LX Explains - a deep dive into the issues and events impacting communities and the world; focusing on the environment, politics, technology, community, social justice, and current events, with an innovative storytelling approach to news.[7]
  • LX Presents - Daily and weekly specials that feature LX documentary stories, explainers and robust storytelling from NBC owned TV stations and NBC News digital.[8]

NBC LX Home Programming

  • George To The Rescue - As LX website announced on August 7, 2023, "Hammering and hugs, they're George Oliphant's specialty. Every Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, you will get plenty of both! George To The Rescue Transforms homes to change lives for families and communities facing unique challenges."[10] George To The Rescue is produced by LXTV.



As of February 2023, LX has current or pending affiliation agreements with 58 television stations in 54 media markets encompassing 31 states and the District of Columbia, reaching 59.1% (or a total population of 184,684,608 residents) of all households in the United States that own at least one television set.[11][12]

Stations listed in bold are LX owned-and-operated.

List of affiliates

City of license/market Station[11] Virtual
Primary affiliation
(on main feed)
Owner Launch date/notes


Opelika (Columbus, Georgia) WGBP-TV 66.1 LX CNZ Communications, LLC 2020


Phoenix KTAZ 39.4 Telemundo Telemundo Station Group May 2020[13]
Tucson KHRR 40.3


Clovis (Fresno) KNSO 51.4 Telemundo Telemundo Station Group May 2020
Los Angeles KNBC 4.3 NBC NBC Owned Television Stations May 31, 2020
Ridgecrest (Los Angeles) K25PL-D Indian Wells Valley TV Booster Translator of KNBC
KCSO-LD 33.5 Telemundo Telemundo Station Group May 2020
KMUM-CD Translator of KCSO-LD
Salinas/Monterey K15CU-D 15.3 Cozi TV NBC Owned Television Stations
San Diego KNSD 39.3 NBC May 2020
San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose KNTV 11.5
KSTS 48.5 Telemundo Telemundo Station Group


Longmont (Denver) KDEN-TV 25.4 Telemundo Telemundo Station Group May 2020


New Britain (Hartford/New Haven) WVIT 30.3 NBC NBC Owned Television Stations May 2020

District of Columbia

Washington, D.C. WRC-TV 4.3 NBC NBC Owned Television Stations May 2020


Kissimmee (Orlando) WKME-CD 31.4 Telemundo Telemundo Station Group Translator of WTMO-CD
Naples (Fort Myers) WWDT-CD 43.4 May 2020
Orlando WTMO-CD 31.4
Miami/Fort Lauderdale WTVJ 6.3 NBC NBC Owned Television Stations
Tampa WRMD-CD 49.4 Telemundo Telemundo Station Group


Atlanta WUVM-LD 4.4 Innovate Corp.
WYGA-CD 16.7 beIN Sports Xtra May 2020


Chicago WMAQ-TV 5.3 NBC NBC Owned Television Stations May 2020


Fort Wayne WLMO-LD 2.3 This TV Metro Video Productions, Inc.
Indianapolis WUDZ-LD 28.5 Buzzr Innovate Corp. May 2020


Bowling Green (Nashville, Tennessee) WCTZ-LD 35.7 Buzzr Innovate Corp. May 2020


Lake Shore (Baltimore) WQAW-LD 69.6 Novelísima Innovate Corp.


Detroit WDWO-CD 18.2 Innovate Corp. May 2020
Midland W35DQ-D 24.5 NTD America
Traverse City W36FH-D 36.2


Minneapolis/Saint Paul KJNK-LD 25.4 Telemundo Innovate Corp. May 2020
St. James (Mankato) K28OH-D Cooperative Television Translator of KJNK-LD


Kansas City KAJF-LD 21.5 beIN Sports Xtra Innovate Corp. May 2020
Springfield KCNH-LD 47.2 NTD America
St. Louis K25NG-D 25.5 May 2020


Paradise (Las Vegas) KBLR 39.3 Telemundo Telemundo Station Group May 2020

New Hampshire

Merrimack (Boston, Massachusetts) WNEU 15.3 Telemundo Telemundo Station Group May 31, 2020

New Mexico

Albuquerque KUPT-LD 2.3 Movies! Telemundo Station Group
Las Cruces (El Paso, Texas) KTDO 48.3 Telemundo May 2020

New York

New York City WNBC 4.3 NBC NBC Owned Television Stations May 2020
Rochester WGCE-CD 6.6 Court TV Innovate Corp.

North Carolina

Charlotte W15EB-D 21.3 Visión Latina Innovate Corp.
WHEH-LD 41.2 Novelísima May 2020
Wilmington WQDH-LD 49.4 Shop LC


Cleveland/Akron/Canton WUEK-LD 26.7 TBD Innovate Corp. May 2020
Columbus WDEM-CD 17.3


Oklahoma City KTOU-LD 22.4 beIN Sports Xtra Innovate Corp.


Portland KOXI-CD 20.6 Innovate Corp.


Charleroi (Pittsburgh) WMVH-CD 26.2 Innovate Corp. Translator of WWLM-CD
Philadelphia WCAU 10.3 NBC NBC Owned Television Stations May 2020
Washington (Pittsburgh) WWLM-CD 20.2 Innovate Corp.

Rhode Island

Providence WYCN-LD 8.4 Telemundo Telemundo Station Group June 30, 2020


Memphis KPMF-LD 26.1 LX Innovate Corp.


Dallas/Fort Worth KXAS-TV 5.3 NBC NBC Owned Television Stations May 2020
Galveston (Houston) KTMD 47.3 Telemundo Telemundo Station Group
Rio Grande City/Harlingen/McAllen KTLM 40.4 May 31, 2020
San Antonio KVDA 60.4 May 2020


Ogden KULX-CD 10.4 Telemundo Telemundo Station Group Translator of KTMW
Salt Lake City KTMW 20.4 May 2020
KEJT-CD 50.4 Translator of KTMW


Richmond WZTD-LD 45.2 Telemundo Telemundo Station Group May 31, 2020


Seattle KUSE-LD 46.6 Visión Latina Innovate Corp. May 2020


Madison W23BW-D 23.6 Novelísima Innovate Corp.
Milwaukee WTSJ-LD 38.5 Timeless TV Innovate Corp.

Rebranding as LX Home


On May 3, 2023, it was reported that NBCUniversal would be "winding down" LX's operations amid layoffs throughout the company. LX was expected to sign-off in mid-2023, with around 40 affected staffers being considered for other positions within NBCUniversal.[14]

On June 30, 2023, the LX News YouTube channel posted a farewell video with the following description, "Three years ago, LX News was launched as a real-time lab for innovation and experimentation. The network has ended, but our legacy will live on. This video is a tribute to everything the team accomplished and the impact LX News has made on NBCUniversal Local and the TV news business."[15]

In August 2023, the LX website and broadcast channel were rebranded from LX News to NBC LX Home. All original LX News programming stopped airing. The NBCLX Facebook page reads, "After 3 years, LX News has ended. Continue to seek out the truth with less suits and more sass!"[16]

The LX News YouTube channel still remained online as of August 2023. Its about page read, "LX was powered by passionate and engaged storytellers with a mission to inform and inspire. LX News stories focused on depth and context. This page is a tribute to the thousands of compelling and meaningful stories our team created."[17]

Rebrand as NBC American Crimes


As early as July 17, 2024, NBC LX Home rebranded as NBC American Crimes, shifting over to true crime programming. A new iteration of NBC LX Home launched on free advertisement-supported television shortly after.

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