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L, or l, is the twelfth letter of the English alphabet.

L or l may also refer to:

Units of measurement and currency[edit]

  • L, Langmuir (unit), a unit of exposure to a surface
  • L, length in general (often the longest dimension, as opposed to width, height, or depth)
  • L, l or ℓ, litre unit
  • Ancient Roman libra (translated as "pound"), a weight measure with derivative units denoted with "L" or a derived character:
    • Pound (currency), a number of currencies from the British Empire, abbreviated £ or (historically) "l", "L", or "". (Some fonts use a two-bar version resembling the lira sign ₤.)
    • Livre (disambiguation), a number of currencies from the French Empire, with the original abbreviated "£", "₶", or "lt"
    • Lira, a number of currencies from Italy and the Ottoman Empire, abbreviated as ₤
  • Leaf (books) ("l." or ℓ), an alternate numbering for books, in contrast to "p." for pages
  • Specification for a line of text, for example "l. 3" is the third line of text









Vehicles and transportation[edit]

Companies and organisations[edit]

  • L. Inc., California-based corporation that makes organic personal care products
  • Liberals (Sweden), a political party in Sweden
  • Loews Corporation, by NYSE ticker symbol
  • Miscellaneous, when used as the fifth letter or behind-the-dot notation on the NASDAQ and NYSE ticker symbols

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