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The L Magazine
Editor-in-ChiefMike Conklin
PublisherNick Burry
Total circulation
FounderScott Stedman, Daniel Stedman
Founded 2003 (2003-month)
Final issueJuly 2015
CompanyThe L Magazine LLC
Based inBrooklyn

The L Magazine was a free bi-weekly magazine in New York City featuring investigative articles, arts and culture commentary, and event listings. It was available through distribution in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Hoboken.


The L Magazine was created in 2003 by brothers Scott and Daniel Stedman and editor Jonny Diamond in Dumbo, Brooklyn.[2] The brothers named it for the L train, a subway line that connects Brooklyn to Manhattan.[3] It ceased publication in July 2015, with resources shifted to sister publication Brooklyn Magazine.

The Boxing Match[edit]

The L's launch coincided with that of New York Sports Express,[4] an offshoot of New York Press. The distribution boxes used by Express and The L looked very similar; both were bright orange, and they were the same shape and color.

While most likely a coincidence, Express editor-in-chief Jeff Koyen decided to print a series of barbs[5] against Scott Stedman, The L's publisher. Stedman responded with a full-sized ad in The L challenging Koyen to a boxing match. On October 25, Koyen and Stedman boxed at Gleason's Gym in Dumbo,[6] Brooklyn to settle the score. The match ended in a draw, and no re-match was re-scheduled.[7][8]

The boxing match was re-created on the TV show Bored to Death. Jonathan Ames claims in his blog[9][10] that the season finale was based on this match.


In 2005, The L Magazine launched Summer Screen,[11] a free weekly film series in Brooklyn's McCarren Park.[12][13]

In 2009, The L Magazine launched the Northside Music Festival.[14][15] Headliners included indie rock acts Cymbals Eat Guitars, The Dodos, Screaming Females, and Real Estate (band). In 2010, The L Magazine hosted the second Northside Festival,[16][17][18][19][20][21][22] featuring performances by Polvo, Liars (band), Elvis Perkins in Dearland, and The Fiery Furnaces.[23] The festival also hosted the films Feast of Stephen by James Franco[24] and Life During Wartime by Todd Solondz.[25][26]


In November 2010, The L Magazine art critic Paddy Johnson was nominated for Art Critic of the Year in the Rob Pruitt Art Awards[27][28][29]


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