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LaMar's Donuts is a chain of gourmet doughnut bistros founded in Kansas City, Missouri, and headquartered in Greenwood Village, Colorado.[1] LaMar's has 27 stores in six states—, Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Alabama)—and plans to expand to others. LaMar’s Donuts has won newspaper readers' poll awards for best doughnuts in several of the cities where they have stores.[citation needed] According to the LaMar's website, the famed Zagat Survey, the New York City-based namer of premier dining spots nationwide, described LaMar's Donuts as "extraordinary; fit for kings".

  • Founder Ray LaMar opened a donut shop in Midtown Kansas City. Ray opened the shop in an old Gas Station on Linwood Boulevard east of Main. He made the donuts homemade, mixing the dough and rolling, and then cutting. Then he would deep-fry them. LaMar's still makes all of the donuts the same way by hand and fresh every day. The shop was open from then until May 2005.
  • It moved from the old gas station to a nice building a block over from the original. Jay Leno dubbed Ray the King of Donuts.[citation needed]

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