La Antigua, Veracruz

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La Antigua is a municipality in the Mexican state of Veracruz. The city of José Cardel serves as the municipal seat.

La Antigua is regarded as the first real Spanish town in Mexico.

In the town stands the house of Hernán Cortés, a popular tourist attraction. The oldest church in the Americas was founded here by Cortés in the early 16th century.

Hernán Cortés' house, pictured below, was built in 1523. The house was constructed with coral and local stone but now is completely covered with roots and vines. La Antigua also has one of the oldest Spanish structures in Mexico, the Edificio del Cabildo, also built in 1523, which seated the first ayuntamiento or city council.

Down by the river stands an old tree supported by chains, and it is believed that Hernán Cortés moored his boats there.

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