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This article is about the car. For the Ana Tijoux album, see La Bala (album).
la Bala
Manufacturer Grabercars[1]
Designer Steve Graber[1]
Body and chassis
Body style Roadster
Engine 1.6L 16v Toyota 4A-GE (125 hp)[1]
Wheelbase 98 in. (2489 mm)[1]
Length 126 in. (3200 mm)[1]
Width 67 in. (1702 mm)[1]
Curb weight 1400 lb (635 kg)[1]

The la Bala is a homebuilt car designed and constructed by Steve Graber. It has a tube frame chassis with a Toyota 4A-GE engine in a mid-rear configuration, though most front-wheel drive engine configurations can be mounted in it. It was unveiled at the 2007 Knott's Berry Farm National Kit Car Show, shown in the picture above. There are currently more in production, including one with a Volkswagen TDi engine.[2]


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