La Bande à papa

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La Bande à Papa
Directed by Guy Lefranc
Produced by Cinéphonic - Société Générale de Gestion Cinématographique - Pathé Cinéma (France)
Written by Roger Pierre
Frédéric Dard
Starring Fernand Raynaud
Louis de Funès
Music by Marcel Delannoy
Cinematography Pierre Petit
Distributed by Pathé Consortium
Release date
7 March 1956 (France)
Running time
90 minutes
Country France
Language French

La Bande à Papa English: The Band of Papa, is a French comedy film from 1956, directed by Guy Lefranc, written by Roger Pierre, starring Fernand Raynaud and Louis de Funès. The film is known under the titles "La bande à papa" Belgium French title), "De bende van papa" (Belgium Dutch title).[1]



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