La Baronia de Rialb

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La Baronia de Rialb
Rialb Reservoir in La Baronia de Rialb
Rialb Reservoir in La Baronia de Rialb
Flag of La Baronia de Rialb
Coat of arms of La Baronia de Rialb
Coat of arms
La Baronia de Rialb is located in Catalonia
La Baronia de Rialb
La Baronia de Rialb
Location in Catalonia
Coordinates: 41°56′02″N 1°11′49″E / 41.934°N 1.197°E / 41.934; 1.197Coordinates: 41°56′02″N 1°11′49″E / 41.934°N 1.197°E / 41.934; 1.197
Country Spain
Community Catalonia
ComarcaLa Noguera
 • MayorAntoni Reig Torné (2015)[1] (CiU)
 • Total145.1 km2 (56.0 sq mi)
Elevation747 m (2,451 ft)
 • Total231
 • Density1.6/km2 (4.1/sq mi)
Demonym(s)Rialpenc, rialpenca
Postal code
Area code+34 (Spain) 973 (Province)
Official language(s)Catalan

La Baronia de Rialb (Catalan pronunciation: [lə βəɾuˈni.ə ðə riˈalp]) is a municipality in the comarca (county) of the Noguera in Catalonia, Spain. The territory is crossed by the river Rialb and the river Segre. The capital city is Gualter; before it had been La Torre de Rialb.

The municipality is formed by the union of old and tiny hamlets and parishes, which in total accounts for twenty-three Romanesque churches, which is the largest number of such churches in Catalonia.

The Medieval church of Santa Maria in Palau de Rialb, La Baronia


1787 1857 1877 1887 1900 1920 1940 1960 1981 1998 2004 2009
514 1,665 1,243 1,250 1,244 1,066 839 655 298 247 279 276


List of Mayors of La Baronia de Rialb[edit]

Period Mayor Party
1979-1983 Josep Serra i Bosch UCD
1983-1987 Josep Serra i Bosch CiU
1987-1991 Josep Serra i Bosch CiU
1991-1995 Miquel Gabernet i Bernaus (1991-1992)

Pere Prat i Torra (1992-1995)

1995-1999 Pere Prat i Torra CiU
1999-2003 Pere Prat i Torra CiU
2003-2007 Pere Prat i Torra CiU
2007-2011 Pere Prat i Torra CiU
2011- Pere Prat i Torra CiU


The agricultural sector is still what draws the most numbers of jobs in La Baronia. A country with blueprints[clarification needed] irrigated, highly arable lands, with a level of approximately 400 m to over 800 m altitude of usable land is suitable for a wide variety of crops. However, since a few years ago, the tourism sector is becoming the economic boost that the valley needed. In fact, there are currently available a two dozen agritourist establishments.

Main sights[edit]

Nature and sport[edit]

  • Rialb reservoir – the biggest dam in Catalonia.
  • Forat de Bulí – a unique ravine in the river Rialb. It is suitable for extreme sports like canyoning.
  • Alzinera de Cal Penjat – a hundred-year-old oak in El Puig de Rialb.
  • GR 1 – a long-distance footpath that crosses the north of La Baronia.
  • Pallerols-Andorra Way – a route suitable for hiking that starts in La Baronia and finishes in Andorra.



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