La Belle Américaine

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La Belle Américaine
Directed by Robert Dhéry
Produced by CCFC, Le Film d'Art, Corflor, Panorama Films
Written by Alfred Adam
Robert Dhéry
Starring Alfred Adam
Louis de Funès
Music by Gérard Calvi
Distributed by CCFC
Release date
29 September 1962 (France)
Running time
95 minutes
Country Italy/France
Language French

La Belle Américaine English: The American Beauty, is a French comedy film from 1961, directed by Robert Dhéry, written by Alfred Adam, starring Alfred Adam and Louis de Funès.[1] The film was known under the titles: "La bella americana" (Italy), "The American Beauty" (English title), "Der tolle Amerikaner" (West Germany).[2]


The wife of a rich man learns that her husband has an affair with a younger woman. She takes revenge on him by selling his beloved big car for little money. The worker Marcel Perrignon is very happy about this bargain but when his boss sees the car he envies him and Perrignon gets fired. This is the start of a number of mishaps for Perrignon.



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