La Bougie du Sapeur

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La Bougie du Sapeur
Editor Jean d'Indy
Founded 1980
Political alignment humorous
Headquarters Paris, France

La Bougie du Sapeur, first published in 1980, is a humorous French newspaper published every February 29—i.e., once every four years. Its most recent edition was issued on February 29, 2012. There have been nine editions of this newspaper to date.

The newspaper's name (literally, "The Candle of the Sapper") is derived from a comics character, the sapper Camember, created by Georges Colomb in the 1890s. In the story, Camember was born on February 29; so, when recruited in the army, he was 'just five years old'...

It was founded by Jacques Debuisson and Christian Bailly. Its editor in chief is Jean d'Indy. Each edition is printed in 200,000 copies. The newspaper's ISSN is 0761-6147.

In 2004, the seventh edition came with the first edition of La Bougie du Sapeur - Dimanche, a Sunday special designed to be published on every Sunday, February 29—i.e., once every twenty-eight years. The next edition of the Sunday special is scheduled to be published on Sunday, February 29, 2032.

Profits of the 2008 edition went to a charity devoted to the treatment and eradication of autism.[citation needed]

It is possible to subscribe to this newspaper, €100 for an entire century.