La Brèche

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La Brèche
Directed by Abdoul Aziz Cissé
Produced by Diwaan, Gsara, Media Centre Dakar
Screenplay by Abdoul Aziz Cissé
Cinematography Ousseynou Ndiaye
Edited by Philippe Boucq
Release date
Running time
35 minutes
Country Belgium

La Brèche is a 2007 documentary film.


In Saint Louis, a city built in the center of the Senegal River’s delta, it’s common to make an offering to the water genies when a child is born; a sign of the importance of water as a symbol to people whose daily lives are marked by rituals. Since the eighties, the infrastructures built to control the delta’s volume endanger its ecosystem, while the villages grow more and more desperate in the face of total indifference.[1]


  • Prix Walter Benjamin
  • Festival International du Film de Quartier (Dakar, 2007)
  • Rencontres Cinématographiques de Cerbère (2007)


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