La Cage (song)

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"La Cage / Erosmachine"
Single by Jean Michel Jarre
Released 1971
Recorded 1969
Genre Electronic music
Length 6:11
Label Pathé Records
Songwriter(s) Jean-Michel Jarre
Producer(s) Jean Michel Jarre

"La Cage" is the 1971 debut single by French electronic musician and composer Jean Michel Jarre under his own name. Although produced in 1969, Jarre was unable to find a record label that was willing to release the single due to its experimental sounds. After a few rejections, he found Pathé Marconi willing to release it in 1971, but the single turned out to be a commercial failure, with only 117 copies sold. Pathé Marconi destroyed the remaining stock.[citation needed] However, the master tape of "La Cage" was preserved, and as a result the song was featured on the compilation Made in France in 1978. The single can also be found on the Rarities I bootleg compilation in 1994, while the rhythm of "Erosmachine" was reused throughout the track "Chronologie 2" from his 1993 album Chronologie.

Jarre himself had lost his copy during a move and no longer owned it until a fan presented him with a copy as a gift.[1]

Both songs were released on the 2011 compilation album Essentials & Rarities.[2]

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Jean-Michel Jarre.

No. Title Length
1. "La Cage" 3:15
2. "Erosmachine" 2:56
Total length: 6:11


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