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Coordinates: 30°19′16″N 109°33′23″W / 30.32111°N 109.55639°W / 30.32111; -109.55639

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La Caridad Mine

La Caridad Mine is a large open-pit copper mine in Nacozari, Sonora, Mexico. It is operated by Mexicana de Cobre, S.A.,[1][2] which is a part of Grupo Mexico, the largest copper producer in Mexico.[3][4] The mine lies approximately 8 mi (13 km) east of Nacozari de Garcia.

Although the mine was worked in the 1800s, it was closed about 1948, and did not reopen until 1979.[5]

In 1985 the mine was producing over 72,000 metric tons of ore per day.[6] In addition to copper, it produced silver as a byproduct, in 1995 that amounted to over 77 tons of silver.[7] The mine was repurchased by investors from the Mexican government in 1988.[8] The mine employed approximately 3,000 workers in 2000.[9] In 2006 the mine was shut down due to labor strikes.[10]


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