Witchery (film)

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La Casa 4.jpg
Italian theatrical release poster by Enzo Sciotti
Directed by Fabrizio Laurenti
Produced by Joe D'Amato
Written by Harry Spalding
Daniele Stroppa
Starring David Hasselhoff
Linda Blair
Music by Carlo Maria Cordio
Randy Miller
Release date
  • December 8, 1988 (1988-12-08) (U.S.)[1]
  • August 6, 1989 (1989-08-06) (Italy)
Running time
95 minutes
Country Italy
Language English

Witchery (Italian: La Casa 4, also known as Witchcraft and Ghosthouse 2) is a 1988 Italian horror film directed by Fabrizio Laurenti and starring David Hasselhoff, Catherine Hickland, Hildegard Knef, Linda Blair, and Annie Ross. It is the first sequel to Ghosthouse, which itself is an "unofficial sequel" to The Evil Dead.[2]


Gary (David Hasselhoff) and his gal pal Leslie (Leslie Cumming) visit an island off the coast of Massachusetts where a haunted resort hotel looms to do research on witchcraft. They are joined by the Brooks family (including a pregnant Linda Blair), prospective buyers of the property. When a storm prevents them from leaving the island, they are subjected to the wrath of an evil witch who will not quit until all of them die.



The film was released in the United States on VHS as Witchery by Vidmark Entertainment in 1989,[3] on DVD as Witchery in the U.S. by Media Blasters in 2006[4] and re-released the film in 2009 as part of the Euro Trash Triple Feature alongside Bad Inclination and Faceless.,[5] and, in the UK, on VHS as Ghosthouse 2 in 1989 and Region 2 DVD as Witchcraft by Stax Entertainment in 2002.[6] The UK version is cut while the American Region 1 release by Media Blasters remains uncut. [7] Scream Factory will release the film on 30 June 2015 first time on Blu-ray Disc as double feature with Umberto Lenzi's Ghosthouse.[8]

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