La Chapelle, Artibonite

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La Chapelle
La Chapelle is located in Haiti
La Chapelle
La Chapelle
Location in Haiti
Coordinates: 19°25′0″N 72°33′0″W / 19.41667°N 72.55000°W / 19.41667; -72.55000Coordinates: 19°25′0″N 72°33′0″W / 19.41667°N 72.55000°W / 19.41667; -72.55000
Country Flag of Haiti.svg Haiti
Department Artibonite
Arrondissement Saint-Marc
Elevation 234 m (768 ft)
Population (7 August 2003)[1]
 • Total 18,092

La Chapelle (Haitian Creole: Lachapèl) is a commune in the Saint-Marc Arrondissement, in the Artibonite department of Haiti. It has around 50,000 inhabitants as of 2018 according to an NGO in the area known as Haiti Education & Production Initiatives.

To learn more about what this non-profit organization is doing, you can visit their website at


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