La Chicane

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La Chicane
Origin Val-d'Or, Quebec, Canada
Genres Rock
Years active 1993 (1993)–2006 (2006)
Members Matt Laurent
Christian Legault
Éric Lemieux

La Chicane is a Canadian francophone rock band formed in 1993 in Val-d'Or. They performed at the 2003 Toronto Rocks SARS benefit concert.[1] Their sound is described as "jazz-rock" or "lounge rock". They were regular performers in Quebec for a decade prior to the 2003 benefit concert. The band records for DKD Disques.[2]

Past and present members[edit]

Awards and recognition[edit]

  • 2000: Juno Awards, winner for Best Selling Francophone Album (En Catimini), nominee for Best Group
  • 2002: Juno Awards, nominee for Best Selling Francophone Album (Disparu)
  • 2004: Juno Awards, nominee for Group of the Year


  • 1999: En Catimini
  • 2000: Disparu
  • 2003: Ent' nous autres
  • 2006: La Chicane: 1998-2006 (Best Of)
  • 2009: La Chicane


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