La Chiripada Winery

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La Chiripada Winery is an American winery in Dixon, New Mexico, founded in 1981 by Michael and Patrick Johnson.[1] It has regularly won awards for its wines at the Southwest Wine Competition and the New Mexico State Fair Wine Competition.[2] It is the highest commercial winery in the United States, at an elevation of 6,100 feet (1,900 m).[3] La Chiripada is a feature of the annual Dixon Studio Tour, which is held in late fall and is the oldest continuously running annual studio tour in Northern New Mexico.[4]

La Chiripada has a tasting room in the Taos Downtown Historic District[5] on Bent Street, the La Chiripada Wine Shop.[6]


La Chiripada was founded by the Johnson family, who built the adobe winery by hand in 1981.[2] It is located south of Taos, New Mexico in the Rio Embudo Valley.[5]

The vineyards produce an annual crop of twenty to thirty tons of grapes. La Chiripada produces a variety of whites, reds, and specialty wines.[2]

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