La Ciudad del Fútbol

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Ciudad del Fútbol
Ciudad del Fútbol.jpg
Location Las Rozas de Madrid
Madrid, Spain
Coordinates 40°31′26″N 3°54′04″W / 40.524°N 3.901°W / 40.524; -3.901 (Cuidad del Fútbol)Coordinates: 40°31′26″N 3°54′04″W / 40.524°N 3.901°W / 40.524; -3.901 (Cuidad del Fútbol)
Owner Royal Spanish Football Federation
Type Football training facility
Built 12 May 2003
Construction cost € 46 millions
Spain national football team (training) (2003-)
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Officially La Ciudad del Fútbol de la Real Federación Española de Fútbol (English: The Football City of the Royal Spanish Football Federation) is a football training facility opened in 2003, serving as the headquarters of the Royal Spanish Football Federation as well as the official training centre of the Spanish football team. It is located in the municipality of Las Rozas de Madrid around 20 km northwest of the capital Madrid, within the Community of Madrid.


Occupying and area of 12 hectares, the Ciudad del Fútbol was opened on 12 May 2003. It is currently home to 4 regular-sized football training pitches, an indoor arena, a social and training area, the athletes' residential building and on-site medical centre.

The main building of the Spanish Football Federation is located at the eastern side of the complex. The museum of the Spain national football team as well as the Luis Aragonés assembly hall are housed in the building.

The centre provides a range of football and professional training courses for coaches and referees. It also hosts a number of annual football tournaments, such as UEFA Women's youth tournaments.

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