La Colle, Monaco

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La Colle
Ward of Monaco
Location in Monaco
Location in Monaco
La Colle is located in France
La Colle
La Colle
Location in relation to France
Coordinates: 43°43′56.64″N 7°25′5.52″E / 43.7324000°N 7.4182000°E / 43.7324000; 7.4182000Coordinates: 43°43′56.64″N 7°25′5.52″E / 43.7324000°N 7.4182000°E / 43.7324000; 7.4182000
Country  Monaco
 • Total 0.188073 km2 (0.072615 sq mi)
Population (2000)
 • Total 2,822

La Colle is a north western residential area; part of the traditional Quartier of Moneghetti in the Principality of Monaco.[1] It is also one of the ten modern administrative Wards of Monaco.[1]


La Colle lies on the north western side of the country, just north of Fontvieille.[2] La Colle is generally considered part of Moneghetti, even though it is its own administrative Ward. It runs directly along the neighboring French towns of Beausoleil, and Cap-d'Ail, as well as the Monégasque Wards of Les Révoires, Fontvieille, and Moneghetti.[2]


La Colle is the second smallest Ward in Monaco in terms of population (Monaco-Ville is the smallest), and the third smallest in terms of land size. La Colle has a population of 2,829 and an area of 0.11 square kilometres (0.042 sq mi).[3]

Monaco has ten state-operated schools,[4] four private schools, and one university. One state school and one private school are located in La Colle.[5]


La Colle is more of an industrial area, but some small hotels can be found here, helping Monaco's high end tourist industry.[2]


La Colle takes after Fontvieille in being one of the more industrial areas in Monaco.[6] For instance Venturi, and its subsidiarity Voxan have an eco-friendly factory located here.[7] Its location within Monaco helps to expedite shipping; located more on the outside of the city, manufacturing causes little problem to Monaco's high end tourist industry.[6]

Even though La Colle is more industrialized, there is real estate along the Les Révoires-La Colle border.[8] Because La Colle's location more outside the city center, its real estate sales are generally less.[8] Averaging 13% to 18% less than neighboring Fontvieille or La Condamine.[9]

Princess Grace Hospital, Monaco's only hospital is located in the westernmost portion of La Colle.[10]

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