La Corde du pendu

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Lucky Luke
La Corde du pendu--The Rope of the Hanged'
Cover of the French edition
Date 1981
Series Lucky Luke
Publisher Dargaud
Creative team
Writers Goscinny
Artists Morris
Original publication
Date of publication 1981
Language French
Preceded by Le Bandit manchot (1981)
Followed by Sarah Bernhardt, (1981)

La Corde du pendu is a Lucky Luke adventure written by Goscinny with Morris and illustrated by Morris. It was originally published in French in the year 1981.

The name recalls La Corde du Pendu (1870), the last and incomplete novel featuring Rocambole.


This volume contains a number of short stories, including the titular story:

  • La Corde du pendu: In a small town, a rope seller named Ropey regularly instigates the local mob into hanging every culprit for even the smallest of offenses - a method Lucky Luke decides to put to an end.

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