La Coupole (Paris)

Coordinates: 48°50′32″N 2°19′41″E / 48.842270°N 2.327943°E / 48.842270; 2.327943
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La Coupole is a famous brasserie in Montparnasse in Paris. It was founded in 1927 during the Roaring Twenties when Montparnasse housed a large artistic and literary community – expatriates and members of the Lost Generation. They decorated the place in the contemporary art deco style and were regular patrons.[1][2]

A more recent work of art, which stands prominently in the middle of the restaurant, is by the sculptor Louis Derbré. La Terre [Earth], is a sculpture in polished bronze cast at the artist's own foundry and unveiled in 1993. The original revolving version of this work (1972) is in Ikebukuro Square, Tokyo, and a replica in resin has been set up in the place des Reflets at La Défense, on the outskirts of Paris. A description of the sculpture at the restaurant may be found in the memoir Footloose in France by John Adamson and Clive Jackson. Adamson records also meeting the sculptor at the Galerie Genot when he was working on the reduced-size versions of La Terre.[3]


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48°50′32″N 2°19′41″E / 48.842270°N 2.327943°E / 48.842270; 2.327943