The Phantom Lady (film)

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The Phantom Lady
Enrique Alvarez Diosdado - Delia Garcés - La dama duende (1944).jpg
Directed by Luis Saslavsky
Written by Rafael Alberti
María Teresa León
Starring Delia Garcés
Enrique Diosdado
Music by Julián Bautista
Cinematography José María Beltrán
Edited by Oscar Carchano
Release date
Running time
101 min
Country Argentina
Language Spanish

The Phantom Lady (Spanish:La Dama duende) is a 1945 Argentine film based on a seventeenth-century comedy with the same name by Pedro Calderón de la Barca, translated as The Phantom Lady. However, the film alters the play considerably - the plot is heavily rewritten, and the style of dialogue is completely changed. Calderon's comedy is written in verse, while the screenplay of the film is in prose and contains scenes not found in the play. The final scene includes a fierce storm from which the hero rescues the heroine and declares his love for her, a scene added to the film.


  • Delia Garcés
  • Enrique Diosdado
  • Paquita Garzón
  • Manuel Collado
  • Antonia Herrero
  • Amalia Sánchez Ariño
  • Alejandro Maximino
  • Helena Cortesina
  • Andrés Mejuto
  • Ernesto Vilches
  • María José
  • Manuel Díaz de la Haza
  • Francisco López Silva

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