La Dame de chez Maxim (play)

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A performance of the play.

La Dame de chez Maxim (English:The Lady from Maxim's, The Girl from Maxim's) is a comedy play by the French writer Georges Feydeau which premiered on 17 January 1899 at the Théâtre des Nouveautés in Paris. After taking an innocent night out with his male friends, a respectable man becomes mixed up with a coquette. It was in the style of the writer's other stage farces and has been described as "Feydeau's masterpiece".[1]


The play has been adapted into film a number of times beginning with the 1912 silent film La dame de chez Maxim's. Other adaptations, in three different languages, include a 1923 Italian film and a 1933 British version The Girl from Maxim's directed by Alexander Korda.

In 2013, a musical version of That Lady from Maxim's, adapted by Bryan Williams was presented at the New York Musical Theatre Festival.[2]

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