La Democracia, Escuintla

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It is said that the first settlers to make home in this municipality were the people of the Pipil tribe that seem to have passed through Guatemala on their way to El Salvador where the members of the tribe currently reside.[1] The exact date that this tribe was founded is not know, as it is quite ancient. Evidence of what occurred in the municipality of La Democracia can be found in archeological sites that can be found in many of its parts.

La Democracia (Spanish pronunciation: [la ðemoˈkɾasja]) is a municipality in the Escuintla department of Guatemala. It is most notable for the crude Olmec-influenced carved stone heads from the Monte Alto culture now on display around the town square. The town possesses a small archaeological museum, the Museo Regional de Arqueología de la Democracia.


In Guatemala, the Sugar industry plays a very large role in the financial infrastructure.[2] The industry is constantly growing in regions such as La Democracia, Escuintla. The sugar-mill that takes up an enormous portion of the economy in La Democracia is Magdalena Tierra Dulce.[3] In November 2012, the Magdalena sugar mill installed a 56 Megawatts electrical plant which was connected to the electrical mainframe of the company, which already had 125 Megawatts, in addition to the electrical distribution of the country. The installation cost a total of 7 million dollars.

Municipal Government[edit]

On the 13 of September 2013, the municipality accused Ex-mayor Ramó Soto García of cheating the Guatemalan Social Security Institution (IGSS) of 237,000 quetzales by falsely declaring that a relative needed medical attention as a commune worker. The 28th of June 2015 Ex-mayor Soto Garcia, who at the time was once again a candidate for mayor, was captured by the Public Ministry of Guatemala. The capture was due to the suspicion that he had illicitly laundered around twelve million Quetzal (currency) in 2006. For this reason, the Guatemala Supreme Electoral Tribunal annulled his inscription as candidate for municipal mayor.


The Municipality of La Democracia is recognized for its archeological tourist sites. It is visited by many of the people of Guatemala and visitors to the country. It is also the center of study for many historians and scientists.

Coordinates: 14°13′51″N 90°56′50″W / 14.2308°N 90.9472°W / 14.2308; -90.9472


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