La Dernière Heure

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La Dernière Heure
La Dernière Heure logo.svg
TypeDaily newspaper
PublisherIPM Publishing Group
EditorMichel Marteau
Founded19 April 1906
Political alignmentliberal

La Dernière Heure (The Latest Hour) and Les Sports (sometimes referred to as La DH) is a French-language daily newspaper published in Brussels, Belgium. The paper is known for news and sports.

History and profile[edit]

Advertising poster with King Leopold II of the Belgians by designer E. Flasschoen

La DH was established on 19 April [1] 1906.[2] The paper has its headquarters in Brussels and has a liberal stance without any political affiliation.[2] Its publisher is IPM.[3] It has seven regional versions: Namur / Luxembourg, Liège, Tournai / Ath / Mouscron, Mons Center, Charleroi Center, Brabant, and Brussels.

In 1990 La DH sold 445,000 copies.[4] The 2002 circulation of the paper was 112,000 copies with a market share of 17.5%.[5]

According to CIM, in 2018-2019, La DH-Les Sports+ recorded 404,720 readers, combining the digital and paper versions.[6]


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