La Domenica del Corriere

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La Domenica del Corriere
LaDomenicaDelCorriere logo.png
TypeWeekly (Sundays)
Ceased publication1989
HeadquartersVia Solferino 28, Milan, Italy

Domenica del Corriere was an Italian weekly newspaper which ran from 1899 to 1989.

It came out every Sunday free with Corriere della Sera, but was also sold separately.

It was famous for its cover drawings, and its issues are still collected.

In the 2 May 1972 issue of the paper Father Pellegrino Maria Ernetti (1925-1994) claimed to have seen the actual crucifixion through a device called a Chronovisor which allowed individuals to view events from the past (and possibly the future) by looking through a tube. Father Ernetti submitted a photograph of this so-called peek into the past in this date's issue however it is contested whether or not the claim contains any truth, as an almost identical (though mirrored left to right) photograph of a wood carving by the sculptor Cullot Valera, turned up, thus casting doubt upon Ernetti's divine claim. On his deathbed, Ernetti confessed that the "photo" of Christ was a "lie".

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