La Factoría

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La Factoría
Origin Panama City, Panama
Genres Reggaeton, Reggae en Español
Years active 1999 (1999)–2013
Labels Universal Music
Machete Music
Associated acts Eddy Lover
Past members Demphra
DJ Pablito
Joey Montana

La Factoría was a Panamanian reggaeton and Reggae en Español group led by Marlen Romero better known by her stage name Demphra. Initially the group was formed by Marlen Romero (Demphra), Johanna Mendoza (Joycee), Edgardo Miranda (MC Joe) and Pablo Maestre (DJ Pablito). Eventually Joycee, Joey Montana and DJ Pablito left the group, however, Demphra decided to carry on with the project.[1]

In 1999, Demphra joined Panama Music where she launched her first solo album, "La Willa Demphra". The disc was a complete success in her home country Panama including songs as: “El Muslo”, “Tilin Tilin”, “Ush”, among others. After the success of this album MC Joe, Goodfella, Joycee and DJ Pablito got together with Demphra and La Factoría was formed.

The group quickly became a Latin American phenomenon, hits like “Todavía”, “Que me Maten”, among others gave La Factoría several awards and a Gold disc for more than 200,000 sales of their first CD in Central and South America. In 2000 La Factoría launches “Más Allá” songs like: “No Lastimes Más” and “Ese Hombre es Mío” they became huge hits in Latin America.

Two years later DJ Pablito and MC Joe left the group. That same year La Factoría launched "Nuevas Metas" the album included smash hits like “Moriré”, “Dale”, “Como me Duele” and the #1 single “Perdóname” (feat. Eddy Lover). "Perdóname" became a huge hit giving the group several awards including a Platinum Disc for 100,000 digital downloads of the track.

In 2009, Joycee left the group but Demphra decided to continue with the project and in 2010 she will be releasing her new album "Demphra".[2]

In 2013, Demphra left Panama Music, leaving the La Factoría name with the label, and keeping the name "Demphra".[3]


Year Title Notes
2003 La Factoría
2004 Más Allá
2006 Nuevas Metas
2010 Demphra


Year Title Notes
2003 Todavia
2003 Que Me Maten
2005 Ese Hombre Es Mio
2007 Perdóname (feat. Eddy Lover)
2007 Morire
2009 Hay Otro en mi Vida
2009 Dame Una Oportunidad (featuring Makano)
2009 Vivir Sin Ti
2009 Amiga
2011 Que Tonta Fui
2011 No Haces Nah
2012 Así Lo Amo
2013 Dile a Él (featuring Original Fat)


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