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La Fossa is one of the earlier rap groups from Italy and one of the first from the island of Sardinia.[1] They formed in 1996. Unlike fellow Sardinian rap group Sa Razza, La Fossa usually does not rap in Sardinian, and uses primarily Italian lyrics. Their first full-length CD was nevertheless called Around the Rionez, riones (usually spelled with s) being a Sardinian term for neighbourhood. Some of their main influences are rappers like Kid Frost, N.W.A, and Master P.


  • Wigsoo
  • Martinez
  • Guapo
  • Gravez
  • Skaz
  • Quilo (former member)
  • Biggaman
  • Moro


  • 1997 self-titled, featuring SR Raza et Concilio VIII (Rhyme Racket)
  • 1998 Around the Rionez, featuring Flaminio Maphia + SR Raza (CD Club)
  • 2001 Tre (Original Beat Rec.)


  1. ^ Giacomo Serreli. Boghes e sonos. Scuola Sarda, 2003. ISBN 8887758034. 

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