La Garita Mountains

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Meadow in the La Garita Mountains wilderness area

During the Oligocene epoch, a series of caldera building eruptions of titanic proportions, some as large as VEI-8, devastated what is now Colorado and raised up the mountain chain, part of the San Juan Mountains. The La Garita supervolcano's mega-colossal eruption created 5000 km3 of tephra, the largest eruption known. The volcanic hotspot has been extinct for tens for millions of years and is of no danger to anyone.

Today, they are one of Colorado's lesser known, but more picturesque, wilderness areas - the La Garita Wilderness is, in fact, one of the state's original five. "La Garita means "the lookout" in Spanish, and this wilderness amply deserves the name. From the summit of this wilderness's single fourteener (14,014 foot San Luis Peak), climbers can gaze across the upper Rio Grande Valley and down the long stretch of the San Luis Valley. About 35 miles of the Continental Divide lie well above a sprawling forestland that provides ideal habitats for huge numbers of elk and mule deer.[1]

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the following peaks are part of the La Garita Mountains:[2]

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La Garita Mountains
Peak GNIS Feature ID Location
Stewart Peak 190154 38°01′24″N 106°55′24″W / 38.02333°N 106.92338°W / 38.02333; -106.92338 (Stewart Peak)
San Luis Peak 190463 37°59′13″N 106°55′53″W / 37.98694°N 106.93143°W / 37.98694; -106.93143 (San Luis Peak)
Mesa Mountain 189506 37°54′16″N 106°38′05″W / 37.90444°N 106.63476°W / 37.90444; -106.63476 (Mesa Mountain)
Pool Table Mountain 189570 37°49′47″N 106°41′31″W / 37.82972°N 106.69199°W / 37.82972; -106.69199 (Pool Table Mountain)
Bowers Peak 189511 37°57′03″N 106°35′22″W / 37.95083°N 106.58948°W / 37.95083; -106.58948 (Bowers Peak)
Lookout Mountain 189525 37°59′13″N 106°28′46″W / 37.98694°N 106.47948°W / 37.98694; -106.47948 (Lookout Mountain)
Lake Mountain 190194 38°00′37″N 106°23′56″W / 38.01028°N 106.39892°W / 38.01028; -106.39892 (Lake Mountain)

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Coordinates: 38°01′22″N 106°55′24″W / 38.02277°N 106.92338°W / 38.02277; -106.92338