La Grande-3 generating station

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La Grande-3 Generating Station
Official name La Grande-3
Location Baie-James, Quebec, Canada
Coordinates 53°43′47″N 75°58′06″W / 53.72972°N 75.96833°W / 53.72972; -75.96833Coordinates: 53°43′47″N 75°58′06″W / 53.72972°N 75.96833°W / 53.72972; -75.96833
Opening date 1984
Owner(s) Hydro-Québec
Dam and spillways
Impounds La Grande River
Spillway capacity 10,000 m3/s (350,000 cu ft/s)
Creates La Grande-3 Reservoir
Surface area 2,420 km2 (934 sq mi)
Power station
Hydraulic head 79.2 m (260 ft)
Turbines 12 × 201.5 MW (Francis turbine)
Installed capacity 2,418 MW
Hydro-Québec, The La Grande Complex visitor booklet, 2004, ISBN 2-550-41276-1

The La Grande-3 or LG-3 is a hydroelectric dam on the La Grande River in northern Quebec, part of Hydro-Québec's James Bay Project. The station can generate 2,418 MW and was commissioned in 1982-1984. It generates electricity through the reservoir and dam system. The dam and reservoir both are named La Grande-3.

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