La Gusana Ciega

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La Gusana Ciega
Origin Mexico City
Years active 1993–2002, 2005–present
Labels Universal Records
Discos Manicomio
Website Official Site
Members Daniel Gutiérrez
Germán Arroyo
Luis Ernesto Martínez
Past members Manuel Leyva
Edwin Sours
Jorge Vilchis

La Gusana Ciega is a Mexican rock/pop/alternative band formed by Daniel Gutiérrez (voice and guitar), Germán Arroyo (drums) and Luis Ernesto Martínez "Lu" (bass).


The band's origin lies in the early 90's when the trio of Daniel, Edwin and Manuel Leyva (bass) began to establish itself in Mexico City's underground rock scene. After several years of small gigs in bars and clubs, they recorded their first studio album in 1996, Merlina, which was well received. The band added guitarist Jorge (ex-member of Guillotina) the following year, which contributed to the evolution of a more characteristic sound, reflected in their second studio album, Superbee. La Gusana Ciega opened for Oasis in 1998 as one of Mexico's main indie rock groups. They travelled to the US in 1999 to record their third album, Correspondencia Interna.

Having gained considerable popularity, the band toured Mexico and select American cities in 2000 culminating in the release of their live album, lagusanaciega. The following year they continued their American foray with an English EP entitled Edición Limitada. One of these songs, Sunday Fever, was included in the Latin American edition of the American Pie soundtrack. La Gusana Ciega broke up suddenly in May 2002, despite their growing popularity.

The members pursued independent projects during the following three years, with the exception of Manuel, the bassist. Daniel played with Cosmonova and Germán and Jorge with Pardo VanDaik. In early 2005, they announced a reunion tour with the notable substitution of Lu, Cosmonova's bass player, for Manuel. This was followed by the release of a best-of collection, together with a DVD of their videos, entitled Super Especial. They headed back to the studio in 2006 and released La Rueda del Diablo, their fourth LP. In 2008 they released Jaibol an album consisting of covers and one new song. Conejo en el Sombrero was released in 2011 as a digital download, CD and vinyl album.

Their latest album Monarca was released in 2014, earning a nomination for Best Rock Album in 2015's Latin Grammy.


Their discography includes seven LPs, one live album, one EP and a best-of collection.

  • Merlina (1996)
  • Superbee (1997)
  • Correspondencia Interna (1999)
  • lagusanaciega (2000) live
  • Edición Limitada (2001) EP
  • Super Especial (2005) best-of
  • La Rueda del Diablo (2006)
  • Jaibol (2008)
  • Conejo en el Sombrero (2011)
  • Monarca (2014)
  • Borregos en la Niebla I (2017)

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