La Guzla

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Not to be confused with La guzla de l'émir, a comic opera by Théodore Dubois
Maglanovic, an alleged narrator of La Guzla; book frontispiece

La Guzla, ou Choix de poesies illyriques, recueillies dans la Dalmatie, la Bosnie, La Croatie et l'Hertzegowine (The Guzla, or a Selection of Illyric Poems Collected in Dalmatia, Bosnia, Croatia and Herzegovina) was an 1827 literary hoax of Prosper Mérimée.[1]

It was presented as a collection of translations of folk ballads narrated by a guzlar (gusle player) Hyacinthe Maglanović, complete with invented commentaries. Of 29 ballads, one of them, Triste ballade de la noble épouse d'Assan-Aga, was an authentic one.

The Russian poet Alexander Pushkin translated 11 ballads from La Guzla into his cycle Songs of the Western Slavs (ru).[2]


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