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School of Engineering and Business, Vaud (HEIG-VD), Switzerland
Established 1956 as "Technicum Cantonal Vaudois"[1]
Type Public
Affiliation HES-SO
Director Catherine Hirsch
Administrative staff
Students 1500
Location Yverdon-les-bains, Canton of Vaud, Switzerland
Campus Urban
HEIG-VD is located in Switzerland
Location: School of Engineering and Business, Yverdon-les-bains, Switzerland

The School of Engineering and Business of the Canton of Vaud (HEIG-VD, sometimes "Higher School of Engineering and Business of the State of Vaud") has been created from the merging of the EIVD (School of Engineering of the State of Vaud) and the HEG-VD (Higher School of Business of the State of Vaud) on 1 August 2004. With its 2000 students, the HEIG-VD is the largest branch of the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland (HES-SO) and participates actively in regional and national industry and business in all areas covered by its teaching.

As of fall 2006, HEIG-VD is based at a larger urban campus of three adjacent sites at Yverdon-les-Bains: Route de Cheseaux, Centre St-Roch et Centre Y-Parc.

Bachelor programs[2][edit]

Master programs[3][edit]

Master programs are offered in partnership with other HES-SO members. A portion of the instruction will take place at HEIG-VD and another will take place at other HES-SO universities.

Master of Science in Engineering[4][edit]

Started in September 2009, this Master program offer two different majors :

Master of Science in Business Administration[5][edit]

Launched at the start of the 2008/2009 academic year, this master offer five different majors :

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