La Imperial, Chile

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Coat of arms of La Imperial, granted by Philip of Spain in 1554. Today, is used as coat of Carahue and Nueva Imperial.

La Imperial or Ciudad Imperial was a city founded by Pedro de Valdivia on April 16, 1552 and named in honor of the Emperor Charles V. It was abandoned on April 5, 1600 and destroyed as a result of the Mapuche Uprising of 1598 during the War of Arauco. The ruins were called Antigua Imperial. A city was refounded there in 1882 under the name Carahue.

Titular see[edit]

As the city was destroyed, the episcopal see of that name has ceased to be a residential Catholic diocese and is considered a titular see.[1]

Titular bishops[edit]


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Coordinates: 37°15′S 73°19′W / 37.250°S 73.317°W / -37.250; -73.317