La Libération de Paris

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La Libération de Paris
l'insurrection Nationale inséparable de la Libération Nationale
La liberation de paris title.png
Written by Pierre Bost
Starring Philippe Leclerc de Hauteclocque
Charles de Gaulle
Georges Bidault
Alexandre Parodi
Marie-Pierre Koenig
Alphonse Juin
Brigitte Servan-Schreiber
Narrated by Pierre Blanchar
Distributed by Le Comité de Libération du Cinéma Français
France Libre Actualités
Release date
France September 1, 1944
Running time
31:27 minutes
Country France France
Language French

La Libération de Paris (The Liberation of Paris) is a short historical documentary shot in secret by small propaganda units of the French Resistance during the Battle for Paris in August 1944.[1]


In 1943, a group of French filmmakers which included Louis Daquin, Jean Grémillon, Jacques Becker, Pierre Renoir (Jean's brother) founded the Comité de libération du cinéma français. Technicians from this group took pictures of the uprising in Paris (Battle for Paris) from its beginnings on August 19, 1944. The footage was developed and edited for a documentary titled La Libération de Paris ("the liberation of Paris") which was released to French theaters on September 1, 1944, immediately after the German departure from the occupied territories.[2]

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