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La Lotería Letal (English: The Lethal Lottery) is a tag team tournament that was held in autumn 2008 by professional wrestling promotion CHIKARA. It consisted of eight teams, who competed in a single-elimination tournament.


To determine the participants in the tournament, eighteen of CHIKARA's wrestlers were selected to participate. The tournament included several well-known wrestlers, including Colin Delaney, who gained fame on World Wrestling Entertainment's Extreme Championship Wrestling brand, and longtime independent circuit veteran Mike Quackenbush.[1] Other participants included CHIKARA regulars and other independent wrestlers. Sixteen names were drawn at random to form tag teams and determine the match pairings. The two remaining wrestlers, Hydra and Brodie Lee, faced each other in a singles match at the September 6 event.[2] The format was similar to that used in World Championship Wrestling's Lethal Lottery tournaments, which also involved random pairings of wrestlers.[3]


The first two rounds were held at the Palmer Center in Easton, Pennsylvania on September 6, 2008.[4]

The singles match took place between the first and second rounds of the tournament, and Lee defeated Hydra. The team of Jimmy Olsen and Lince Dorado and the team of Vin Gerard and Colin Delaney faced each other in the final match, which was held on October 18, also at the Palmer Center.[4] Olsen and Delaney competing against each other was significant, as they had competed as kayfabe twin brothers, The Olsen Twins, early in their careers.[5] Olsen and Dorado won the tournament; as a result, they were awarded three points in CHIKARA's tag team division.[1] In the division, teams must accumulate three points before they are permitted to challenge for the Chikara Campeonatos de Parejas, the promotion's tag team championship.[6]

The shows at which the tournament matches took place were recorded and have been released separately on DVD through Smart Mark Video.[7][8]

Challenge for tag team championship[edit]

Olsen, competing under the ring name Equinox, and Dorado, challenged tag team champions The Osirian Portal at CHIKARA's "Armdrags to Riches" event on November 16, 2008. In a two out of three falls match, Dorado gained the first pinfall. The Osirian Portal won the match, however, after pinning Dorado and then Equinox to retain the title belts.[4]

Tournament bracket[edit]

First Round
(September 6)
(September 6)
(October 18)
Icarus and Ultimo Breakfast Pin
Helios and Tim Donst 09:24[9]
Icarus and Ultimo Breakfast Pin
Jimmy Olsen and Lince Dorado 08:28[9]
Jimmy Olsen and Lince Dorado Sub
Shane Storm and Eddie Kingston 07:06[9]
Jimmy Olsen and Lince Dorado Pin
Vin Gerard and Colin Delaney 16:26[10]
Vin Gerard and Colin Delaney Sub
Halcon Guerrero and Mitch Ryder 10:07[9]
Vin Gerard and Colin Delaney Pin
Mike Quackenbush/Pinkie Sanchez 08:53[9]
Claudio Castagnoli and Larry Sweeney Pin
Mike Quackenbush and Pinkie Sanchez 12:41[9]


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