La Mémoire maritime des arabes

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La Mémoire maritime des arabes
Directed byKhal Torabully
Produced byChamarel Films, Productions La Lanterne
Screenplay byKhal Torabully
Music byLeo Morfun
CinematographyPhilippe Fivet
Edited byRoland Sapin
Release date
Running time
53 minutes

La Mémoire maritime des arabes is a 2000 documentary film.


Even before Islam existed, the Arabs were sailing the seas. The sea and its activities were extremely important for these desert people in the 7th century, when they traveled from Spain to China skirting the African coast. Sinbad’s stories are based on those journeys, but reality may well surpass fiction. How does one change from a dromedary to a ship? Their knowledge of astronomy, commerce and science form part of this film shot in twelve countries that covers several centuries and includes the opinion of eminent experts.[1]


  • ZIFF 2001
  • Golden Award for best documentary, Arab Media Film Festival, Cairo,2010


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