La Malquerida

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La Malquerida
Directed by Emilio Fernández
Produced by Felipe Subervielle
Written by Jacinto Benavente
Emilio Fernández
Mauricio Magdaleno
Starring Dolores del Río
Pedro Armendàriz
Columba Domínguez
Roberto Cañedo
Julio Villarreal
Music by Antonio Díaz Conde
Cinematography Gabriel Figueroa
Edited by Gloria Schoemann
Distributed by Films Mundiales
Running time
86 minutes
Country Mexico
Language Spanish

La Malquerida ("The Unloved") is a Mexican film from 1949 based on the novel of the same by Jacinto Benavente. It was directed by Emilio Fernández, and starred Dolores del Río and Pedro Armendáriz.

Plot summary[edit]

In the ranch of El Soto lives Raymunda (Dolores del Río) and her daughter, Acacia (Columba Domínguez). After she is widowed, Raymunda marries Esteban (Pedro Armendáriz). What Raymunda does not suspect is that a deep passion has arisen between Acacia and Esteban. The misfortune is that the men who approach Acacia have a tragic end, and because of this, they begin to call her "La Malquerida" ("The Unloved").


This movie ended the collaboration between Dolores del Río and Emilio Fernández (started seven years before with Flor silvestre and continued with Maria Candelaria, in 1943, Las Abandonadas (1944) and Bugambilia (1945)), but catapulted the cinema of México onto the world stage.

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