La Mort de Staline

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La Mort de Staline (In English: The Death of Stalin) is a series of French biographical comic books in two volumes created by designer Thierry Robin and writer Fabien Nury, published in October 2010 and May 2012 by Dargaud.[1]

The series traces, between reality and historical fiction, the events that followed the Death of Joseph Stalin, supreme leader of the Soviet Union who died in March 1953. The first volume, "Agonie" won the Historia Prize in September 2011, and the second, "Funérailles", won le Prix Château de Cheverny de la bande dessinée historique in the Rendez-vous de l'histoire festival in 2012.[2]


In 2017, the French and British producers Armando Iannucci adapts this comic strip to the cinema under the movie in same title.[3][4]


  • Agonie, Dargaud, (ISBN 978-2-205-06676-0),
    writer: Fabien Nury - designer: Thierry Robin - color: Lorien Aureyre
  • Funérailles, Dargaud, (ISBN 978-2-205-06822-1),
    writer: Fabien Nury - designer: Thierry Robin - Color : Lorien Aureyre and Thierry Robin


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